PS_logo_BEST_flat-150x150-flippedPEA SHOOT MEDIA
Like Anita Sancha Animations www.anitasancha.co.uk …. Pea Shoot Media concentrates on environmental issues such as climate change, food supplies, wildlife and all things global.

We are a collective of people with different video and acting talents and in the process of some very interesting videos. So for the moment we have put up some videos of Anitas for you to look at . 

Based in Hereford, in the UK, Pea Shoot Media is run in a relaxed and informal way, we have fun every day and feel this is important, as it is easy to be overwhelmed by all the doom and gloom that is wrapped around these huge environmental issues – AND we also believe that if we work together we can find a better way for us all to live, with more purpose, more sense of being part of the global community and have lots more fun doing it all!